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Oilskin clothing

Oilskin clothing is fabric which has been impregnated with oil to make it weatherproof. It originated in Australia and can withstand any kind of weather while still being breathable.

This kind of fabric clothing is very popular among sailors since it protects them from the wind, rain and cold on the job.

Taking care of oilskin garments is very important to provide longevity for them. Garments made from oilskin like oil skin coats or oil skin jackets, commonly known as "oilskin" or "oilskins", can't be laundered using traditional methods not to damage repelling oil protection.

Australian leather hats

Australian Leather Hats | The Australian leather hat that is so popular today can be traced back to 1969, when Bill Conner introduced a lightweight leather hat with a shapeable brim. Following the 1988 World Expo, hosted by Australia, his design became recognized around the world as the original Australian leather hat. Thus began a new tradition that offered consumers an alternative to wearing only fur felt hats. For durability and convenience, many leather hats come with a hatband and a chin strap. They are usually available in various sizes, depending on the design. They tend to be larger than most European hats, offering extra protection from the elements. Both men and women enjoy wearing them, especially for farming and horseback riding.

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Exotic hats

Several Australian hat manufacturers specialize in exotic hats. Some of the most popular exotic products are made from crocodiles or ostriches. A crocodile skin hat, studded with crocodile teeth, makes a bold fashion statement in the Outback. Hats can also be made from buffalo hides or rabbit fur. Hat sizes usually range from X-Small to XX-Large. Retailers often suggest applying waterproofing products to protect exotic hats from harsh weather and stains.

Oilskin coats

Oilskin garment are generally worn for ranching--on stations, as they are known in Australia--and in other high-exposure occupations, such as commercial fishing. The primary function of oilskin coats is to protect the wearer from wind and rain. Their name is derived from the fact that a coat of oil is applied as the top layer of the garment, mainly to repel water. For added protection from the elements, the coats are also extremely effective at blocking the sun’s UV rays. Oilskin coats are typically available in long and short versions, and oilskin hoods are a commonly added accessory.

Cow leather handbags

Cow leather handbags come in all shapes and sizes, and they are the ideal choice for someone seeking a fashionable, yet durable, bag. The most common types of everyday items made from cow leather include satchels, purses and wallets. Many students and professionals use laptop and iPad carriers, backpacks, overnight tote bags, and travel pouches. Cow leather is supple and strong, offering comfort and durability. For someone seeking a unique bag, most cowhide leather bags feature distinctive markings that make each bag a one-of-a-kind product.