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Useful info about laser eye surgery

During laser eye surgery, your doctor will reshape your cornea -- which means it can improve all three problems we've discussed. He'll actually use the laser to make a tiny flap inside your cornea. Then, he'll peel back the flap, remove some corneal tissue, and put the flap back in place.
One of the biggest Lasik advantages is that this procedure only takes a couple of minutes. You don't even need any anesthesia for it! Instead, you'll get special numbing eye drops, but you'll be awake and alert the entire time -- meaning you'll be able to head home right afterwards and even head to work the next day.
Another big Lasik advantage is that you may be able to give up your glasses and contacts altogether. If your prescription was really strong, you may still need glasses -- but at a much lesser prescription. In the end, you'll wind up saving money on new glasses and contacts, along with constant trips to the eye doctor.

What are Lasik disadvantages?

One of the other Lasik advantages that people love to hear is that this surgery comes with a very low risk of complications. As long as you've got a good doctor, you shouldn't have any reason to worry.
But, of course, this IS surgery -- and, short as it may be, any surgical procedure comes with some things to think about.
One of the biggest Lasik disadvantages is that your eyes need to be "stable" before you can go through with the surgery. What does that mean?
That's a fancy way of saying that your glasses prescription hasn't changed in a while. If your lenses are getting adjusted every year, your eyes aren't ready for the permanent change that laser eye surgery brings. (That also means this surgery isn't a good idea for people who are under 18, because their eyes aren't fully-developed yet.)

Is laser eye surgery good for athletes?

And, if you're an athlete, laser eye surgery probably isn't for you. That's because eye injuries -- like the ones you may get during a football game or during a wrestling match -- can cause your cornea flap to dislocate and cause serious damage. Even if you're not an athlete, there is one potential Lasik disadvantage you'll need to consider -- the possibility of developing dry eyes. Luckily, your doctor can give you some preventative steps BEFORE your surgery to lower the risk.
In the end, laser eye surgery has the power to change your life. But before you dive in, just make sure the pros outweigh the cons for your specific situation.